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. . . Notice to Smokers

This article is directed to All Smokers in Canada. It is time to take a Strong Stand against the discrimination directed at Smokers. My original article on this topic was killed by the “Powers that Be” at the Sun, as it had been deemed “Too Offensive”.  As a result I am Forced to transcribe this less offensive version. 

Smokers, are you aware that you are the Only citizens in Canada who are not people? You/we have No Rights, No Freedoms. A citizen is an individual who has Rights and Freedoms in this Nation. By my previous statement, not only are smokers Not people, they cannot be citizens of Canada, as only recognized people can be citizens. It matters not that you were born here, or if you immigrated here, if you smoke, you are a people without Rights and Freedoms. 

The Canadian Bill of Rights and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms Guarantees these Rights and Freedoms to ALL Citizens of Canada. Even the Human Rights Act Guarantees these Rights and Freedoms To All People. EXCEPT People Who Smoke!

How is this even possible? Simple, it is only because Smoking or Smokers are not listed as a group entitled to Rights and Freedoms, but here is the curiosity, Non- Smokers Are Listed. Because of this Discrimination, and Prejudice, Smoking Bans are being permitted, and are beginning to go to EXTREMES. So I Implore ALL Smokers, To let Your Voices Be Heard! The Powers which Enforce and Create these Bans Only obtain their Power Over Smokers because Smokers Do Not Speak Out. It is Time to Take authority against these Injustices, Speak Out Loud and Clear. Smokers Want and Deserve Their Rights Too! We want to be Counted among the Citizens in this Country! We Live Here, yes, We Work Here, yes,  But with No Voice We Do Not Count, we are Irrelevant. Unless we Speak Out Now, Gain Our Rights and Freedoms, there will come a time when we will not be permitted to smoke Anywhere.

These powers that be, are making an attempt to Control Us! One who is Controlled is NOT FREE! Step Up, Speak Out, Make the Powers Hear that We Will Not Be Controlled any Longer! If All Smokers Unite, With One Voice, Sending the Same Message, they will be unable to maintain control over Us. It Is Time To Fight for our Rights and Freedoms, instead of cowering in a corner and allowing Non-Smokers to Walk all over Us. Fight For Freedom! Fight to establish Rights for Smokers! Fight with Words, letters, and your voices! Fight and be Heard! The only other option, sit in the corner and cower as more and more Bans are established, before Smoking tobacco becomes an Illegal Action. I cannot fight this without Your help. I am Not the only Smoker out there who identifies these subtle Discriminating actions as being Wrong and UNJUST! Speak Out, It is our Only Hope to obtain Rights and Freedoms For Smokers In this Country! I want to Hear From All of you Smokers out there! Speak Out and Share Your Voices, Please. Let them (the Powers that Be) know that We Will Not Be Segregated! We Will Not Be Separated! We Will Not Be Discriminated Against Any Longer! We Refuse to be OPPRESSED! WE WANT OUR RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS!

This is Just my Opinion.

Al Sider

Dawson City, YT.

4 comments on “. . . Notice to Smokers

  1. Jake
    March 5, 2012

    I’m in. I agree

    • alsider56
      March 5, 2012

      hey Jake…thanks for the response. please get everyone you know who smokes to read and reply. i need as many smokers as possible to read this and respond. thanks for your help.

  2. daisysprouts
    March 6, 2012

    You may not choose to publish this, but I felt strongly enough to comment here, after commenting on your post in the WordPress support forums:

    See, the problem with “smoker’s rights” is that smoke doesn’t stay in one place. So unless you can control where it goes and doesn’t go, you’re fighting a losing battle. Smokers infringe on other people’s rights because they didn’t ask to inhale it, but because you exhaled as you were walking down the street or worse, as you enter a building, the person behind you or next to you is unwillingly victimized by your smoke.

    Go ahead an ruin your lungs, but don’t inflict your habits on others. I’m glad that in the US, most states have smoking bans in public buildings, restaurants, etc. It looks like Canada is doing the same. Kudos to them.

    • alsider56
      March 7, 2012

      Hello Daisy:
      I fully understand your position, what I fail to understand is how or what make Discrimination Right? Discrimination is still Discrimination, and as far as I know, Discrimination is still wrong! No matter how bleak a group or individual paints the picture, and no matter how offensive a habit might be, to Discrimiate, and show Prejudice is Wrong. Here in Canada, you cannot purchase or Drink Alcohol in certain places, including many restaurants, why then can it not be similar for smoking? Is it not possible to have say, 1 or 2 clubs or bars in each city that are designated as “Smoking Bars” and well posted as such? Any person entering a bar or club being such designated, would be able to do so at their own choice. The way things are currently, these individual choices are being eliminated. As for your comment about smoking “infringe on other people’s rights . . . because you exhaled as you were walking down the street” I cannot help but wonder, which is worse for your lungs, someone smoking a cigarette, or the thousands of automobiles spewing out vast tons of pollutants? You may say that the cars are heavily filtered and that the exhaust is not as bad as it once was, and that is quite true; but, I will offer you this challenge, I will stuff my face with 25 cigarettes at the same time, light them all and smoke them right to the filter. During this same time, you can stick your lips around the exhaust pipe of your running car. Who will die first? Not me!

      You choose to be prejudice and Discriminate towards smokers while leaving the worse offenders alone. All I want is to have equal rights for smokers as Non-smokers. I do not disapprove of non-smoking bars and restaurants, and other public places, but I do disapprove of it being a Blanket order. I also disapprove of certain Municipalities in Canada that are attempting to make it Illegal for a smoker to smoke in his or her own car. I do not disapprove of All smoking Bans, it is just that some of these Bans are going Way Too Far.

      I appreciate your viewpoints, though I do not fully agree with you. But that is the beauty of Freedom, I do not have to agree with you, and you do not have to agree with me about everything in general, but remove that Freedom, and we become a Nation of Bigots, Communists and Nazi’s. For this Country, and Yours to be truly Free, All individuals Must Have Rights and Freedoms — Otherwise there is no Equality, and with no Equality, there Remains only Apartheid! At least that is how I see it personally speaking.

      Things that are Wrong will always be Wrong. That cannot be changed or altered. However, we can take a Wrong thing and correct it. Prejudice and Discrimination For Whatever Reason Is a Wrong Thing that can be corrected. That is all I seek to do, is to take a Wrong thing (Discrimination and Prejudice) and correct it. If you are blinded by your disgust of smoking, that is ok, but I only ask that you do not become a loathesome person because of Prejudice and Discrimination.

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