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. . . Those Who Fail To Learn From The Past

Why have I chosen this topic? What event(s) from the past have we not given heed to? Consider perhaps, apartheid, prejudice, or segregation. If you have an extensive vocabulary, you will notice that all of those words are related. Apartheid is a word related to prejudice and segregation, and pertains in particular to events which occurred in South Africa not more than a half a century ago. These events were blatant acts of prejudice and segregation. The Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary defines Apartheid as follows: “from the Dutch meaning apart + heid meaning hood, 1: racial segregation: more specifically a policy of segregation and political and economic discrimination against non-European groups in the Republic of South Africa. 2: SEPARATION, SEGREGATION  of specific groups such as smokers, sexuality etc. 3: any group so affected as to have no civil rights.”

As you can see from the simplest definition Apartheid allows for discriminatory segregation against smokers. Canada is slowly becoming the New South Africa! Instead of signs stating “Whites Only” the signs now say “No Smoking”! Instead of neighbourhoods insisting on “Whites Only Rentals” the signs now say “Non-Smoking Renters Only”! How can this be possible in today’s society? By introducing these policies in a subtle manner. These policies were not introduced all at once, it was gradual and seductive. In the Government’s allowance and introduction of these policies against smokers, they removed the rights of this group. Smokers have No Civil Rights under Canadian Law! I personally found this to be true after a Judge stated exactly those words after I took my Landlord to court in an attempt to effect a change to a new Non-Smoking Policy. (A transcript of those proceedings can be obtained to verify the Truth in my statement).

Apartheid was originally a prejudice against Non-White, non-Europeans, but as you can see it can be a prejudice against anyone who is different and must be segregated. Smokers are being segregated. Non-smokers and the Governments are prejudiced towards smokers. Non-Smokers and Governments have violated the Rights of Smokers by removing those Rights. Non-Smokers and Governments support Apartheid by allowing the Segregation of Smokers. I promise you all, that unless Smokers take a stand now, things will only worsen for Smokers. Stronger, unjust Legislation will be introduced, preventing a person from smoking in the streets as an example. What can you do to create change? Talk to your City Council, talk to you local MP, your MLA, and your Premier. Form peaceful protest assemblies, whatever it takes, for however long it takes, Fight to Get YOUR Rights Back! I am only one man, by myself I cannot make a difference, but together, with the support of Smokers and Non-Smokers alike, we can repair the damage that has been caused by this injustice. Help me to help all Smokers to be treated Fairly and Justly. You do not have to agree with Smoking, to support the idea that a Smoker is a Citizen of Canada, and is entitled to the same Rights and Privileges, the same Fair and Just treatment as Non-Smokers. Help me to end this Prejudice and Apartheid in Canada Today! It could take years, but Injustice must be changed into Justice, peacefully, but consistently. All Canadian Citizens Must Have Rights Under the Law! Every Group In Canada Must Have Rights Under The Law! Or Canada will become the New South Africa, Doomed to repeat an Ugly Past!

This is Just My Opinion . . .

Al Sider

Dawson City, YT           

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