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Hi everyone.

 My name is Al and I reside in Dawson City, Yukon, Canada. I started this Blog for one main purpose; To create awareness of the Injustices performed against Smokers. Many people do not believe or recognize the fact that smokers are being treated without dignity or respect. Smokers are discriminated against, people are prejudiced towards smokers, smokers are being separated and segregated by these outrageous Bans against Smoking. I agree with some of the bans, but not all. As an example, let us use the sale, purchase and use of Alcohol. It is legal to serve alcohol in some restaurants but not in all. I agree with this principle, and it should be similarly done with smoking. While I am not implying that smoking should be permitted in any restaurant, it should be permitted in select bars or lounges.

Not that smoking should be so restricted that it is almost illegal to smoke. Under the Law, it is fully legal to purchase, sell, obtain, use, and possess all tobacco products, why then must a legal activity become Restricted and Banned? There may be some truth in the idea that smoking reduces an individual’s life span, but I suggest this, When and If anyone can Prove, beyond doubt, that stopping smoking will increase a smoker’s normal lifespan by 20 years or more than I might accept it. Yet, from the information I have been able to gather, A male smoker’s average lifespan is around 68 years, while a non-smoking male’s average lifespan is around 70 years. A female smoker’s average lifespan is around 60 years, and a non-smoking female’s average lifespan is 65 years. There is not much of a difference, and since every human being will die anyway, why not allow smokers to enjoy the choices they have made without banning them from smoking “everywhere”?


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